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GABA can help

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My doc told me that gaba can get rid of dp. 750 mg a day.

what do u guys think?
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acidmale69 said:
You have read wrong. GABA does in fact cross the BBB but not that effectively. However in large doses 2 X 500 MG or so, it does make a difference.
i've never heard of forcing NT's across the BBB by just taking more. GABA doesn't cross. amino acids precursors like Joe said, do...but even then, anxiety is caused by low Serotonin, not low GABA. that's how come the drugs of choice are SSRI's, not GABA supplements.

is "the cure" not working for you acidmale? -ru
Homeskooled said:
I just wanted to come to acidmale's defense. GABA will cross the blood brain barrier. It isnt as efficient as taking its precursor, but its precursor is glutamine, and not only does it turn into several other transmitters, but the reason which Lamictal was chosen by Mt. Sinai was because it seemed to inhibit glutamine activity.
so in that case, it seems like you're saying that one should not take GABA precursors (l-glutamine) since Lamictal is an antiglutamate agent.

as for taking GABA..."Julia Ross of Mood Cure fame refers to GABA as "our natural valium," and recommends it to her clients for calming down. However, as this neurotransmitter does not easily cross the blood-brain barrier, you may wind up instead with very expensive urine." :D

acidmale69 said:
By the way rula, here is the website tht prooves my point.
did you miss this quote from your link above that proves MY point?

"GABA is made in the brain from the amino acid glutamate with the aid of vitamin B6. GABA is available as a supplement in vitamin stores, but taking it in pill form is not always an effective way to raise brain levels of this neurotransmitter because GABA cannot easily cross the blood-brain barrier. "

never trust information on a site that sells you products.

i take both 5-HTP, and GABA precursors. i'm not against you. but i don't get excited about a different miracle cure every week. this week you're violating several rules of "THE CURE"
-Do not go to the doctor.
-Do not gather information about anxiety disorders
-Stop practising any existing therapy and do not seek out alternative treatments.
-Do not ask yourself or others how to cure the anxiety disorder.

i'm just messing with you man, whatever works for you, but try to stick to something long enough first. your famous anonymous doctor is not Julia Ross, is it? :D :D

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