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GABA can help

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My doc told me that gaba can get rid of dp. 750 mg a day.

what do u guys think?
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I just wanted to come to acidmale's defense. GABA will cross the blood brain barrier. It isnt as efficient as taking its precursor, but its precursor is glutamine, and not only does it turn into several other transmitters, but the reason which Lamictal was chosen by Mt. Sinai was because it seemed to inhibit glutamine activity. People who used ketamine, which I believe cause hyperexcitation of glutamine receptors, would complain of DP-like symptoms, thus the rationale for limiting it. At least, this is to the best of my recollection.

Its also interesting to note that low serotonin may not be the cause of anxiety at all. I looked up Periactin in the Practitioner's Guide to Psychoactive Drugs, and it seems that it has some very, very unique properties. Back in the day when Tricyclics ruled the earth, it was used to give back some sexual function to people who were having problems "functioning". Not only does it seem to have anti-anxiety properties, but it is also an anti-serotonin agent. It is also used with severly ill people to increase appetite, which would seem to go against the grain of popular wisdom that insufficient serotonin causes a lack of appetite. But the stuff works....and it seems that Mt. Sinai may be thinking that these novel anti-serotonin properties may be the salvation of people with DP. Food for thought.

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