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GABA can help

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My doc told me that gaba can get rid of dp. 750 mg a day.

what do u guys think?
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I did have one doctor who suggested possibly supplementing GABA for and depression. Probably doesn't hurt.

L-glutamine is the precursor to glutamate and GABA I think. I have some here at home and must admit it seems like more of a glutamate booster than GABA. Gives you some energy but some anxiety as well. The whole Lamictal trial for DP kind of fell through I think. I read an article by Daphne Simeon in which she said a first trial yielded positive results but a second trial proved it ineffective. I guess they still use it for its mood stabilizing and antidepressant effects. So, as for the anti-glutamate theory for DP, i don't think it is quite that simple.
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