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There is at least one fatal flaw: You claim that "DP does not eliminate pain entirely, rather it highly reduces the rate and intensity of the vast majority of pain signals". However there is not really much evidence that depersonalization disconnects from "physical pain" and thus has an analgesic effect. It was found that hynotically induced depersonalization reduced subjective pain intensity, but this state may not be equal to depersonalization found outside of this hyponotic technique:

Nuller found depersonalized patients to have a higher pain threshold. However I could not get the article and even then I would not be able to read it, because it is in russian language:

But other than that there is nothing really to support the notion of depersonalization being the ultimate pain killer. Even then you would fight one evil with another. Given that almost all people here are suffering on a very high level from their symptoms, it is ridiculous to think that depersonalization could be the cure of chronic pain. Generally your opinion about depersonalization is quite twisted, to put it lightly:

"I like depersonalization because it enables me to experience a nirvana-like state throughout the day. When the present moment is not good, DP is useful. It enables me to bypass suffering. It also enables me to avoid negative impulses and negative bias. When the present moment is good, DP is useless. From a negative utilitarian perspective I find maintaining depersonalization (though not ideal without a BCI) preferable to standard consciousness."

"DP is a distressing experience when interpreted negatively. The numbness and apathy it may induce is concerning but arguably misinterpreted. Accordingly, it caused me a lot of distress and confusion during the two years prior to continuously maintaining it. I've come to the conclusion that DP has the potential to be very useful for society."

"One should take into account the overwhelmingly positive aspects of DP which do empower the individual."

"A BCI inducing DP would mesh into the rest of human progress by promoting peaceful and ethical progress of AGI, biohappiness and other powerful emerging technologies (such as artificial sentience, re-engineering the human brain, connecting minds to the cloud, mind hacking, nanotechnology, neural lace, cyborgs, etc). Most visible, it will restructure our society to be more peaceful and happy in coordination with the influx of automation. Ultimately, further investigation of a BCI inducing DP by the scientific community will speak for itself."

I don't think you are a troll. Even though much of your text is gibberish, a troll would never put that much effort into the whole thing. It's probably meant seriously, so you are just a lunatic. Unless you adore the idea of a dystopic society like in the movie Equilibrium, putting all people into a depersonalized state holds no value.

Anyway, the "problem" is already solved. If you want depersonalization, just use Cannabis or Ketamine. If you are "lucky" it will stay forever. Meanwhile we will focus on how to leave this hell.
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