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Ok... it's Halloween. I'm bored. I am drinking ALONE once again. No work tomorrow so I can drink. I am always alone. And I realize now... well I used to say my DP was so much worse the day after drinking, but now it's like that everday... weird. I no longer have to take a xanax the day after a night of drinking. Everyone else seems to be doing interesting things... going somewhere. But all I do is sit here at home. Most of my "friends" are male so it's kind of an ordeal when I try to hang out with people. Well I don't mean to whine... I just have to communicate with someone/something I guess. So anyway... what do you guys do for fun? I don't seem to enjoy much of anything anymore.
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i've been sitting here for ages trying to think of something that might be fun for you. when heavily dped i'm just about surviving so fun isnt an issue. however dps at a pretty low level with me at the minute so heres what i've done in the last few days that i've enjoyed.

On Friday i got a small holly bush with lots of red berries on it for 4.99. its got dark green leaves which i like rather than the variegated ones. i potted it up and put it on the decking where i can see it from inside.

On saturday it was a nice, if cold, day here so drove for about an hour to the sea.

the kitchen cupboards are horrible orangy wood so, as cant afford a new one, bought a pot of old fashioned looking light cream paint in quick drying eggshell. have started sanding and painting and they're going to be lovely.

was back in work today after the holidays so i'm going to have a bubble bath in a bit.
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