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Full recovery

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I am an engineer and i have engineered the cure

Normal person also experiences DP for some time or the other in his life for few seconds

what he does.He ignores it and get on in life

In our case dp symptoms are more which makes us to note it.How to reduce symptoms is by taking your symptoms as an itch which you dont scratch and slowly the symptoms will dissapear and normality will reaapear. after full normality reappear or even when it reappears for sometime forget about what dp is.if you remember it then you will again be brought back to that state of mind. Forgettting will be tough but its important .So this is my last post here and i am beginning my journey to full cure and i hope yours too.
Yup its that easy isnt it.......................Try tell that to all the people on here who are currently in the throws of chronic DP.....EVERYBODY on here who gets better or improves suddenly forgets what it was like to be really really ill and then decides to post that all you have to do is ignore it and distarct and it will go away....This simply is not the case...

I hope you dont have to come back on here in a few months or years and eat your words....

Im also delighted that you got better.....Best of luck.....
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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