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I have been battling this horrible condition for 3 years and 7 months and I just can't beat it. I though it got better so I called myself drinking on weekends once again which was stupid in the first place. I stopped suffering from depersonalization and juts had mild senses of derealization . (This may sound funny)But lately my derealization has come back full force and some nights it's similar to the scene of the exorcist when the girl was in the bed strapped down and the house was shaking that's how I feel when my derealization comes at its highest and it's always at night time. I could be having the best week ever and BOOM, here comes my Big Mean Pal again outta no where for apparently NO reason. I finally fall asleep at 4-5 or sometimes 6 am physically exhausted and wake up with a headache and weak body from the BATTLE that was fought throughout the night. I have finally come to terms that reality sucks and I might have this for a long time.
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