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Well let me start off buy saying dp/dr is one hell of a mental illness. Alright so let me explain how i got dr/dp first. I got dp/dr on Halloween night at a party, i smoked about 4 grams of medical bud out of a bong, and i started to feel dreamy and my vision felt like "it was going in and out of frames. I panicked and thought something was seriously wrong and i was in this terrible dream i could not wake up from, i started telling my friends they wernt real and nothing was, and kept saying" why cant i wake up? My friends somehow managed to get me home and i went to bed. I woke up and opened my eyes and every thing looked 2d or fake. I freaked out had another panic attack and new something was wrong. This is when i got dr/dp which lasted me 2 long years in hell.

Now let me explain something, none of you guys/girls on here are mentally sick. Your not crazy your not anything but"out of it" like a brain fog. I know it is tough. But u can recover. Let me rephrase that "U WILL RECOVER".

Now how why i didnt recover for 2 years was because i was on this site thinking and obsessing about my condition 24/7. so my anxiety grew worse and i never recovered for a long time. NOw once i left this site and stopped thinking about it, it went away and i didnt even know. And one month i was like omg i just realized im normal again. ANd i know ppl say oh well how can u not think about it when u have it 24/7. The reason its a game, it feeds of your fear and axiety and it will continue to get worse and worse till u accept it. Once u do now ur on the road to recovery. Next stay active 24/7 hang out with friends, sleep over there house. jog, watch movies, sports ect. Do anything that will distract u. and if dp/dr pops in your head, ignore it and do something to distract urself and tell your self i have nothing but axiety which is causing me to feel this way. there is nothing wrong with me. keep saying this to urself. and i guartee u u will recover in a couple months and one day ull just relize u feel like your old self again. I have been in some of the darkerest states of mind, i was was in a institution for being schizo when i was younger and was told i might be that way for life. But i have see numerous phycologist and have not been schizo for 10 years. if i can change my mind set and fight it and recover schizophrenia u can fight dp/dr and recover.

Please do not just read this and go yeah "blah blah". Im serious read what i wrote and take this in and u will recover! P.S Do not buy pills, see doctors, or take any advice from ppl on this chat that involves medication. There no doctor, there lazy bums eating dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, and shitting in there star wars underwear living in there moms basement, lmao. If u want to chat message me or talk to me in the chat. wish everyone here the best!

Source: I am now dr/dp free, This is how i did it

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Dec 28 2011 05:46 PM

no meds ha? :/

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Jan 11 2012 05:46 PM

Im going to take your advice x

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Feb 02 2012 12:46 PM

I HAD THAT EXACT SAME EXPEIRENCE!!!!! You just made me so happy!, i know now i have not been the only one to go through that with a horrific trip from some bud!!! Thank you for shareing your story! This sounsds like me made over! But unfortunatly i am still suffering everyday, BUT i am getting by!
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But thank you, thank you so much for posting! I feel so releived!<3

Also, i have a question, after you woke up the next day, did you still feel panicy like you were going to have another horrific episode and you constantly watched what you did and how youi reacted to everything, even listened to your voice??? This happened to me, and i STILL watch everything i do to reassure i'm not having another episode! Its paralyzing it really is. But now i'm getting over it and not AS scared, but i was just wondering. Thanks again for posting, you made my day!!! :)

Also, i am bery confident that i will recover! i'm always confident, but it seems its still lingering with me, i am getting better each day, i can tell. But somedays i'm just so down and depressed about it. UGH. haha.

And i also my doctor perscribed me prozac after my horrific trip on weed (6 weeks after), and i was on 10 mg, then she up'd my doese to 20 mg, within 3 days , and your not suppose to! haha, but she did and i had anotehr horrific trip the same as my weed experience and my Dp/Dr got WAAAAAAAY worse, like 1,0000 times worse! So now everyday i'm still paranoid and notice everything i do to make sure i'm not going to have another episode. But i have realized thats what my episode was. Dp/Dr. :) But it still scares me.

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Mar 17 2012 12:27 PM

this is so true.. I've done it this way.. am having another dp thing some years later due to worrying a lot about my future, which brought it on,... but i KNOW the way out is to ignore it and just carry on the best you can. getting out there and socializing.. it forces you to cope and the feelings recede.. dwell on them and they increase.. good on you, ghost20

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Mar 21 2012 05:17 PM

thank you so much for giving us some hope!
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