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The best way to cure your dp/dr are these :-
1. have good amount of sleep ( very important )
2. have vitamin b in your diet such as eggs etc.
3. believe in yourself ( believe that you can recover ) / positive thinking
4. be relaxed and dont get too excited or depressed for something
5. keep away from directly watching to the light ( it can make dp/dr worse in some cases )
6. taking medicens in not recommended they can have harmful side effects
7. try to concentrate more on your work and forget about the dp/dr you have.

Source: CURE IT !

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Aug 12 2012 09:07 PM

Have you been cured from by these steps?

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Sep 28 2012 11:09 PM

I do think being on a healthy diet is a very good thing and helps a lot. I think that the Autism diet is the very best diet to be on for DPD. The diet is Milk Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free. Avoiding those product will sure help the side effects more. I go a little further than the Autism Diet. Positive thinking is a very good Idea. Believe in yourself. Sometimes DPD can get very overwhelming and not understanding which self is yours... its like embarrassing chaos. I always say Love your self first, there is a trick to this. Allow a state of Being. DPD people are EMF sensitive so it does make since to get negative effects from lighting's and other radiation activity.

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Oct 22 2012 03:23 PM

great advice!
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