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I wrote a blog post summarizing some of the research I have compiled about depersonalization/derealization (DPDR) over the years, especially when it comes to prolonged or chronic episodes. The post includes:

- Information about how DPDR is understood in the mental health field, self-reports of the sensations and lack of sensations, and its relation to other disorders or experiences (particularly trauma, emotional abuse, prolonged stress, anxiety, etc.).

- Information about my approach to working with it therapeutically and treatment that has been shown to be helpful.

- A free downloadable exercise that incorporates a lot of the recent promising research. This exercise is adapted from one I did for years that my therapist gave me during my own prolonged episode so it holds a special place in my heart.

- A video summarizing all the info (and some, because, improv) that you can use just to hear the audio if desired.

- Tips for finding resources/support in DPDR in your city/town. These tips are in the video, not the text.


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Hi Emily,

I liked the content of your blog, it explains DPDR really well, and it is both informed and emphatetic, which I found important.

The part about re-triggered frieze response is really well explained.

Regarding dx, I think it is great that you said that wording is also a matter of personal choice. Pathologization of certain states, that were caused by events that were out of our hands and power at the time, does not do justice to our own strength in face of the unbearable emotional pain.

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