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Free agency

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Many wonders why, if there is a God, He allows that bad things such as war, storms, hurricane etc, happen. Well, the answer to this question is simple. We, humans, create the most of it by our bad choices. War is often a product of bad political choices. God can not be held responsible for
our bad choices. He can not either stop ( note that He has the power though) the pain that is caused by our imperfection or unrighthousness. We have our free agency, and free agency is essential to happiness. Only in some individual cases, God can cure someone or stop pain, but not on general basic. Otherwise, God would stop being God, and that is not possible.

Storms are caused bye pollution that we ,humans, are responsible for. God does not send these trials, but He allows that they happen. However, it is not excluded that He sometimes makes it occur. There is though always a reason for it, something greater is coming out of it.
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As I tried to explain, God can not stop all pain and suffering, disasters, etc. Suffering is an essential element in order to get experience and knowledge. Without pain, there is no happiness. Pain has to remain, because it is the opposite of happiness. If we do not feel pain, then we can not possibly know what happiness is. It is then impossible to be happy. Free agency, free will, is the ground on which happiness is build. If there is no free agency, no free will, then there is no happiness. I can not possibly imagine to feel happiness when I am always and permanently forced to do things. Humans have their free will, their free agency. They can choose things that are goods or things that are evils. When someone chooses something that is good, then that person feels joy about it. It makes everyone else happy. Nobody feel sad about it. Nobody feel pain. But when someone makes a bad choice, it creates disapointment and pain. The person that chosed wrong gets consequently less freedom, because of its bad choice. The bad choice creates pain in the environnement. Somebody else might be affected by that bad choice. God can not stop oss from making bad choices. He would never take away our free will. Consequently, He can not stop the pain occuring by bad choices.
Whay I said now does not mean that God in some special situations may help someone or help an entire group of persons in order to avoid a tragedy. Christ did make miracles, because of the great faith that was shown by people.

God is not unfair, only men are.
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Scattered, You need to read my topic again. I do not think you understood what I wrote. When you go to heaven, you already through your experiences on earth felt misery and pain. You already know what pain is in order to understand happiness. It does not mean that you have to feel misery in the kingdom of God in order to feel happiness. There is oppostion in everything, but the opposition does not need to be present at the same place lol.

Martinelv, are you so unhappy? Do not you know that iniquity never has been happiness?
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