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Free agency

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Many wonders why, if there is a God, He allows that bad things such as war, storms, hurricane etc, happen. Well, the answer to this question is simple. We, humans, create the most of it by our bad choices. War is often a product of bad political choices. God can not be held responsible for
our bad choices. He can not either stop ( note that He has the power though) the pain that is caused by our imperfection or unrighthousness. We have our free agency, and free agency is essential to happiness. Only in some individual cases, God can cure someone or stop pain, but not on general basic. Otherwise, God would stop being God, and that is not possible.

Storms are caused bye pollution that we ,humans, are responsible for. God does not send these trials, but He allows that they happen. However, it is not excluded that He sometimes makes it occur. There is though always a reason for it, something greater is coming out of it.
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I think youre right.All of 2days world problems are man made or a result of natural disasters,not brought about by vengeful gods,but by chance.Greed and power has the world in the miserable condition its in;we in the first world are shielded from the real issues of war,starvation,poverty,disease etc.Its always been that way from time immomorial,and as far as i can see,will remain the same.there are always those who seek power,and whose insatiable greed filters through to the world economy causing a framework that deprives billions of people basic human rights.Why god allows the GREED gene to manifest itself in this way is a major question that theologians must address.Otherwise our species is doomed.
definitely the work of a vengeful god.or maybee his twin brother,the devil.
An eternity of any human consciousness would drive anyone crazy,heaven or hell.I think the notion of reincarnation fits humanity the best,because of the valve of consciousness between lives we pass thru,that makes us forget our past lives.This stops us going mad.Thats the way I hope it is anyway,Im comming back in my next life as a pro footballer who retires and does commentry during games.Not George Best thou!!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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