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found out my relative went through what I went through

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so me and my relative are one year apart and for some odd reason derealization and depersonalization popped up in our convo and he told me what he went through and coincidentally I went through these same thing... (started with existential thoughts about life. after high school) he said he sees it as an “awakening” and he just accepted it... he also said sometimes it hits him when he’s driving. my question is why is dr and dp a plague for me, but not for him? I feel like dr has distorted my perception of life... like one second I feel okay and the other second the world and my life doesn’t seem normal... I also have Pure O OCD so I’m more prone to obsess with thoughts/feelings that upset me. It was weird to me when he told me he went through dp and dr, because I would’ve never known... and ever since then I keep thinking why is this shit tearing me a part giving me depression, but not him?
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yeah, It’s just for a long time I thought that, only a few people went threw this and knowing it is pretty common makes me feel like “wow, am I really that weak, that I can’t handle this” It’s something I just can’t let go of... there’s times where I’m really low, that I feel like I can’t get up and there’s days that I feel good. but I’m getting sick of looking at the world through a “different” lense... there’s days where I don’t even know If I’m dissociated or not... I guess it’s something that I just can’t control and it’s taking a toll on me... I would also like to add that I’ve had anxiety since I was 15 and I’m 20 now... I’ve never been medicated nor have a seen a therapist... It’s just something that I’ve delt with on my own... making me think that maybe all those years of anxiety build up to this point... dissociation.
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