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how does 1 live life if they cant remember things that just happened. my mom thinks i should be able to remember some things but the truth of the matter is i really cant, not with depersonalization. she probably still thinks i dont have this and refuses i have this disorder, at least i think she would think that because this disorder apparently isnt touched up upon and that only triggers me even more. does it make me special that i’ve triggered something in my mind that i had 0 clue existed? probably not, but why exactly does it exist? did god himself make this condition in order for people to never feel pain or sadness or happiness anymore, just nothingness? we literally feel nothing! most of all, we cant even feel love for another human being or feel any emotions for that matter just emptiness and nothingness. its almost like we dont exist all together. every day i wake up and question whether or not i will ever wake up from the dream but i just dont see it happening. my bad for going on a rant, i dont even remember what i just typed, but i do know that this thread was supposed to be about forgetfulness. i dont remember anything no matter what happens and its unfortunate. the only thing i could ever remember is if i got my d*** sucked the other day and thats about it.
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