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For the women who have DP- is it much worse when you are pmsing? Mine is.

I get almost completely better and then I pms and it comes back. Anybody else?

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Queen Frick
Feb 22 2015 07:01 PM

When I'm really DPd is when I'm also going through PMS so I know what's going on and to just wait it out. But yeah, I've always had this problem of DP getting worse and better with my menstrual cycle.

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Mar 01 2015 01:03 PM

PMS if anything made me feel more real. Heightened emotions, all the physical pain you can't control.
For me DPDR always goes almost completely away when I am in a lot of physical pain that i am not in control of.
So like cramps or right before you throw up ,or accidentally falling.

It gets heavier when the pain is emotional and I can't deal with it, so maybe with your emotional bursts , it increases to deal with the accentuated emotions..maybe

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Mar 03 2015 01:02 PM

With me, I've realized it makes me worse. I think with me though, this comes from a specific place. I was pretty much raised ashamed of my body and its functions, so I often DP when on my period because of that.

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Mar 28 2015 11:09 PM

Yes! This definitely happens to me, but I started using progesterone cream to balance my hormones. The doctor said my hormone levels were normal, but I know that something is wrong because of the fluctuation during my cycle. And the cream has made a huge difference. You can get it on amazon for pretty cheap, and if it doesn't end up helping, no damage done. You can't overdose on progesterone. Definitely worth a shot.
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