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For those with drug-induced chronic DP/DR

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How many times did you use drugs prior to the onset of your chronic DP/DR
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This poll is here to hopefully diminish the belief that only smoking/ingesting/inhaling (etc.) drugs MANY, MANY times (we're talking years) can cause any major disorders. For me, I smoked marijuana less then 10x and the last time the high just never went away. When I tell health practitioners this, they have a hard time believing me until I show them the scientific papers which show this. I know that the frequency with which you had the drug(s), what drug(s) it was/is, and other things that were going on in your life play a role but this poll is here to address only the number of times. So even if you used 3 different drugs each 2 times, count that as 6x.

-University girl
Inflammed said:
I smoked pot and Hash daily for 1 year.
And it's been 10 years since I stopped smoking and got DP/DR
10 years for me too...
I smoked pot for about one year, although not heavily. I've had DP/DR for 24 years. I only smoked four times during the 24 years (with the hopes that it might reverse what it had started- didn't work. each time I had severe panick attacks and I'd say about maximum possible DP/DR).
JAG, thanks for sharing what happened when you smoked again to see if it would reverse what happened. I have often wondered about trying pot again to see if it would re-set my brain but after hearing of your experiences i will not. Thanks for sharing! Guess your signature quote doesn't quite fit here does it? Too bad... :(
1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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