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I'd like to talk with someone DP'ed who suffer or recovered from depression too. (it's not all people in this board) I feel alone in this crap, and I cry everyday, many times.. :cry: I have problems to see the light, even on sunny days. I don't know how to manage this, I really feel like my life is over. I feel a big emptyness, inside, I feel so tired, I have no energy at all, no desire to do anything because it will give me nothing, I stay with this DR.

I hate hate this. I have read Uni-g post, in her website *last post, and I really feel like this.

I am alone in my little city with this, I don't know where to turn... all support groups here it's more for anxious people, or depressed people but not for DP/DR people.... I hate this. You are lucky to meet in person.

Karine xxx

yahoo : [email protected] (messenger)

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hi karine

i've suffered from periods of depression since early teenage. ads have always helped. i know you're thinking about trying various meds but are you on any ads at the minute? if so how long for?

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Several times I have been overcome by a feeling of total, and I eam complete, despair. soul destroyingly bad. Even death didn't seem like an escape.

I haven't had that for a while. I couldn't tell you why, either.

Just stay strong, is all can say. I can't imagine really feeling like that now - just like then I couldn't imagine feeling any other way.

If you can get hold of MSN Messenger I'd be happy for you to add me to your contacts.

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I was diagnosed with depression four years ago. If you ever want to talk, my various screenames are all in my profile. That goes for anyother talkers, too.
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