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Hi everyone I wanted to make this post to inform anyone that is thinking about smoking weed with DP.DON'T DO IT.I did and regret it so I'm speaking from experience.I wondered what it would be like to get high with that out of the way here's why you shouldn't smoke weed with DP will make your DP,DR,Brain fog,blank mind and anxiety worst than it already is.

2.Smoking weed with DP is nothing like smoking it when you were doesn't feel the same,you don't feel the same bodily sensations and creative mind and feelings of euphoria and all the fuzzy feelings that come with a cannabis just feel more dissociated and spaced out and u feel foggy and shit afterwards.'s very easy to get anxious and have a bad high and it will make you really paranoid and send you down a bad spiral.

Now I know this might not apply to everyone of us here but for the majority smoking weed will make things worse.if you really want to smoke then smoke a small amount don't go all out and start smoking blunts left and right.but all in all just stay the fuck away from weed.
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