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Have you received bone fractures of any type since using Paxil?
Yes, one.00.00%
Yes, more than one.16.67%
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Even if Paxil was responsible for a loss in bone density, it would still take many years on the medication to be of any real conern.

The highest rate of bone density loss is commonly shown in astronauts while they are in the null gravity enviornment of space:

..the Station crew lost interior bone at a rate of 2.2 to 2.7 percent for each month in space and outer bone at a rate of 1.6 to 1.7 percent per month. 1
So even if you were experiencing a 1/4 of the losses found in the astronauts which is still highly unlikely, it would still take you well over 60 months to have a reduction of 30% where of which Im guessing a persona may have problems with bone density.

A PSU website on oestoperosis states that
Like all living tissue, our bones are constantly repairing and renewing themselves. This process is called remodeling.The bone cells responsible for demolition are the osteoclasts. These cells secrete an acid that dissolves old bone. As they work, calcium and other minerals are released from the dissolved bone into the blood stream. Therefore, when your body needs extra calcium, it signals the osteoclasts to dissolve more bone. 2
Paxil would have to be linked in effecting the osteoclasts in the cycle of remodelling, or in a lowering of the calcium levels which are free to be used during the process.

I was on Paxil for near on 7 years and had both maintained and added excellent bone density and muscle strength throughout the period thanks to a regular gym routine. Its not something I'd be overly worried about if I were you.

1. ... _loss.html
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What was your level of activity like leading up to your hike in 2000 versus the recent events?
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