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For Janine- about the aftermath .

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Hey Janine. I know you get several topic starters that asks for you. I will keep it short. I dont know if you remember me but i am the one that had dp/dr from weed almost 3 years ago. I had it for 3months, very very extreme and then it went away. However i was still left with a little disconnected numb feeling. Not to the point of DP or DR but i just cant describe it and sometimes i cant relate to anyone on this board.

- Its been getting worse these past 2 weeks, i guess b/c of stress with my girlfriend and college. I missed out on alot of time from nyu and i should have been graduated last yr. I however have a semester remaining. Oh forgot "keeping this topic short" =)

Anyways i been feeling a little bit more disconnected lately and on the edge, but it doesnt manifest itself to dp or dr. Its just a feeling i live with everyday. Do u have any idea what it is?? Could it be that i still have dp/dr? i doubt it but what is this numb feeling ?

you also reccommended Welbutrin, im thinking of getting on it.
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Just to give a neuropsychiatric point of view on this stuff: I tend to think that EVERYONE has unrealistic dreams. Its healthy. They tend to fade as people age, or they meet with obstacles to their goals, take different life paths, etc... From my standpoint, I see that dissociatives and DPers tend to have overwhelmingly artistic urges. This makes sense to me since I see the temporal lobes as the seats of DP and artistic expression. Look at people with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Obsessive writers, mystics, artists, performers. And ask neuroligists with TLE patients - they all tend to be a bit narcissistic and convinced that they are somehow "special". The religious ones tend to attribute it to a feeling that God is guiding their lives. But these sorts of people may indeed have a special destiny. Most of the great people of history express in their memoirs that ever since childhood they felt a call to lead, to be destined for greatness. Its a mixture of destiny AND the biological urge to seek it out. Really, some far out things have happened to me lately. I got a job in the entertainment industry, and an offer for an internship in Washington DC and the Amen Clinic in California. I thought it would be harder to grab these things than it really ended up being. What interests me, since I see it in so-called "normal" college students is their ability to sabotage their own dreams. To be the worst naysayers in their own lives. Its some sort of self-destructive, afraid of success complex. I think everyone has it, but I wouldnt be surprised if there is a Freudian name for it. So sure, you might be a dissociative, you might have some far out artistic ambitions, but you know what? They're probably possible if you apply yourself. You'll never know until you try. And failing doesnt hurt as bad as you think it does.

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