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This is quite an unusual DP symptom, it's basically when you can't think clearly, and you can't make complex thoughts, as if your mind just wandered off. Everything is intuitive and you no longer think about your actions and your memory is somehow wrapped up, but still, you can function normally. All this together would be the so-called "mind blankness" so basically the opposite of excessive thinking, to very silent mind as if your thoughts are 2000 miles away from you, and you have zero control over them whatsoever.

For those of you who have this symptom, tell me how exactly you got it and did it come gradually or all sudden. And tell me your symptoms exactly, like what do you feel like. Lastly, please no posts like "I just wanna suicide, been living with this for 40+ years" Make another thread about for how long you've felt hopeless because we are here to give hope and raise awareness for this condition.
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