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Focusing outward...sometimes it works.

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Just to say I was very busy those days with parties, etc. And last night I had a party with many friends, and I was so afraid to feel very disconnected and dp/dr, but I said to myself : I go anyway : and surprise, I fetl pretty good, and laughed, we played bowling and I was feeling not SOOO dp/dr, I talked and talked and didn't bother about dp/dr, I actually didn't think about it, and didn't spend hours in front of my computer alone to think about dp, and I must say I had a good time. I stayed up until 2 AM, and felt good. It was a bit like the OLD me, like BEFORE, I was in a place with al my friend, and music, and I was drinking a beer (difference : it was a 0,5 beer! lol) and I was feeling more like a normal person. And I never thought about my obsessions! For me it's VERY rare.

It's sure I come home and begin to think : do I feel myself, etc. But I just wanted to tell you that sometimes, even if you feel that derealization who stills a bit there, when you distract yourself enough, you forgot to analyse yourself and the environment. It is possible but it's very hard to let go.

(but I do believe some calming agents has a good effect on some people, and no, I am not anti-meds).

See ya!

Cynthia xxx
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Good job Cyn. Staying connected to people is one of the most important components to healing. I'm happy for you. Keep it up.

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