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Focusing eyesight problem?

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Hi everyone,
Anyone has this problem with focusing eyesight? When you look TGROUGH objects, not directly AT them. I think that is what derealization gives. It's like when you are deep into your thoughts and look at something, this object doesn't make sense
... having this feeling constantly is so sad. Looking at faces of family/friends and being unable to REALLY look at them.
It is one of the strangest feelings and I just wanted to know if I am not alone in this and if it goes away.
Thank you.
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I can relate I think. My worst symptom right now is that the world infront of me looks 2D, kind of like I have no depth perception. When I take Sobril (anxiety dampener, beta blocker) all those symptoms go away. The world feels real and it looks real and alive. it looks 3D and it feels great!

Also time doesent feel so fucked up anymore. right now I feel like Im living in a time bubble and time just ticks away all the time, almost like its moving too fast or something. But on Sobril I just feel immersed in the world and it almost feels like time doesent exist, like everything is in the present. Its fucking hard and close to impossible to explain and sounds crazy but that is the best I can explain it as.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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