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Focus Med Alternatives

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Okay so I'm new here.

Been reading for a awhile but first time posting.

I've been suffering from what I think is dp for the last 3 or 4 months

The reason I say think is because I'm really just guessing.

This seems to match all my symptoms and am otherwise healthy except for having bipolar

My thought processes here lately are basically non-existant. When they do come they are random and not relating to anything I'm doing.

It's difficult, nay near-impossible, to hold a conversation when my brain is doing cartwheels like this. Plus, I have no concentration, no attention-span whatsoever. Feeling agitated, like I can't sit still, but yet I can't focus enough to do anything constructive. Smoking and caffeine generally make it worse so I'm trying to cut back.

I find myself walking a lot. Like all the time. 24/7. Not to anywhere in particular. Just trying to pass the time till bed.

That's it. That's what my life's become.

Now my doc prescribed me adderall 20mg and it was a breath of fresh air. I felt awake, alert, and though my memory still sucked I was in a genuine good mood and could actually get shit done.

The only bad news is that it doesn't last long. 3-4 hours at most. And while I know about the XR version I'm still worried it won't last long enough.

How is one supposed to live for only 8 hours at a time? What am I supposed to do the rest of the time? And I worry that after a few weeks of taking it might not won't work at all. I'm wanting to start back to school soon and I really need my brain.

I guess the real question I'm asking is there anything else out there that'll help with the brain fog? (Can't afford provigil, tried phosphatyldeserine, ginkgo, and dmae. none worked.)

I figure there must be some sort of natural alternatives to these meds out there.
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Hey I just want to say that your story sounds EXACTLY like mine. It was like reading about myself. Have you found anything that helps fight the brain fog??? The biggest part of my DPDR these days is complete brain fog. It is awful. Anyways, if you are still around, Id like to know if you have found out any more info. Cheers
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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