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Have you ever tried 80 mg of fluoxetine over a long period of time ( a year or more)?
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It is too high a dosage for fluoxetine, you are probably talking about fluvoxamine
Are you taking meds?
Nothing as everthing have been tried and nothing helps. Why are you here? People "cured" from this usually had it intermitted and related to an anxiety disorder. No-one cured from this will come to this site again. If you want to talk to someone cured this is not the site to get them,- they live their life. 30-40% of people coming to this site don't for fill the criteria for depersonalization disorder it it primary form. Many have it secondary to other condition like depression, -mostly depression, anxiety or a personality disorder like borderline. Some have a functional disorder. A sub-set have prodromal schizophrenia and make erratic posts of being cured one hour and symptomatic again the next. Then a post about fecalia,- as if the is a connection between the anus and the state of mind . The most active on this forum is likely one with aspegers syndrome. He puts everything into quotation as obsessions is the nature of his condition.

Depersonalization disorder usually have an outset between 15-25 and it is sudden and usually with a period of high levels of anxiety -usually panic. It typically comes after stress or a drug use.

"The average onset age is 16, although depersonalization episodes can start anywhere from early to mid childhood. Less than 20% of people with this disorder start experiencing episodes after the age of 20."

are you in that age group or are you one of the many on this site you don't have the condition. I think you are.

Depersonalization or dissociation can come secondary to many psychiatric or organic conditions. You have to know the medical history of the individual to determine it.
I am a doctor and have suffered from primary depersonalisation disorder 24/7 for 15 years
There is no formal medical treatment for depersonalization. All recent publications done by researchers working with depersonalization points towards brain stimulation as the most realistic intervention as they see it.. There have been no publication in the last decade about medical intervention with drugs as it is likely seen everything have been tried. But, there trails done is more than 10.years old, small and not placebo controlled. They likely don't replicate. We don't know much about the emotional regulation done by the brain and the networks involved,-as the do in depression. Recent research in depression and other disorders have looked at brain oscillatory activity and normalization of it with brain stimulation. In depersonalization it should also be dominated by abnormal high alpha and theta that likely comes from the thalamus that also makes sensory integration in the brain. synchronized TMS is to normalize brain oscillators and might be a promising intervention. It is approved in the USA as "a mental health wellness" device but not as a medical interventions. Never tried in depersonalization but it is the most promising. I don't know if it will come on the european market when it comes out in the US. It have been tried in depression, PTSD with promising results. This is a device made for synchronizing brain waves in individual based on a qEEG. More similar to it will likely come in the future. Wave Neuroscience
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