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Fluoxetine (aka Prozac): Helpful, Bad or Neutral

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Fluoxetine (aka Prozac): Helpful, Bad or Neutral
Was this drug Helpful, Bad or Neutral for you?
It was helpful to me so I might recommend it.526.32%
It was bad for me so I won't recommend it.842.11%
It was neutral for me and didn't have much good or bad effects.631.58%
Did you experience any difficult withdrawal symptoms?
Yes, I experienced some difficult withdrawal symptoms.631.58%
No, I didn't experience any difficult withdrawal symptoms.1368.42%
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I took prozac for a year or so . it didnt do anything for my dp ...and I felt weird on it

when I quit prozac after 3 months being off of it I suffered a horrific panic attack which made my dp worse and I even became psychotic for a while

right now I am on effexor (again) and it feels better . me personally I dont recommend prozac but different meds work for different people ....maybe it will help you but for me it is certain that I will never take prozac again
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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