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Flourescent lighting: any coping mechanisms? why it happens?

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I know i've seen this everywhere, that many have problems with them. What are some speculations? This surely isn't a coincedence. Anxiety related, eye/brain related, neurological problem.
Do others get much eye tension, dryness?

Anyway, any good coping mechanisms out there? Other than avoidance and putting a big hat on?

I've noticed that if im on my cell before going into the store, and im engaged in the conversation, i don't notice it. that would point to anxiety, correct?
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my entire office complains about fluorescent lighting, even normal people can dissociate from it. our only coping technique is to turn off the lights, 'till the boss turns 'em back on. yea, that didn't help you either. :wink:
Homeskooled said:
Unfortunately, I sent an email to Daphne Simeon for input, and still no reply. I'm afraid that she may not be as up to date with neurologic developments as I once thought.
She seems reluctant to volunteer any info over email (phone only), but I wouldn't say she's not up to date. i get the sense that she doesn't want to give away too much about her research. she won't even answer my questions over her latest choice of drugs she's testing for DP, and i'm volunterring my body for the experiment :roll:.

1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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