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Flourescent lighting: any coping mechanisms? why it happens?

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I know i've seen this everywhere, that many have problems with them. What are some speculations? This surely isn't a coincedence. Anxiety related, eye/brain related, neurological problem.
Do others get much eye tension, dryness?

Anyway, any good coping mechanisms out there? Other than avoidance and putting a big hat on?

I've noticed that if im on my cell before going into the store, and im engaged in the conversation, i don't notice it. that would point to anxiety, correct?
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I've never seen the issues with fluorescent lights, but I at least used to get bad eye pain - and still do, usually, in fact, when the DP/DR's not so bad.

I got told it was migraine headaches before, I knew that was never the case. It felt much more like a dryness, as you say, although my eyes were never physically dry, nor did eye drops really help.
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