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Flourescent lighting: any coping mechanisms? why it happens?

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I know i've seen this everywhere, that many have problems with them. What are some speculations? This surely isn't a coincedence. Anxiety related, eye/brain related, neurological problem.
Do others get much eye tension, dryness?

Anyway, any good coping mechanisms out there? Other than avoidance and putting a big hat on?

I've noticed that if im on my cell before going into the store, and im engaged in the conversation, i don't notice it. that would point to anxiety, correct?
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This is right on top as my numero uno symptom of dp/dr in terms of limitations. I had to drop out of grad school (before I really got started) becasue of it and have had to work outdoors my whole life due to my inability to function in an office or even a warehouse setting. I have quit two professional jobs because of it. What happens is that I immediately get very lethargic, spacey and zombie like while under these lights. I can't concentrate, my vision gets blurred and static like and all in all I jsut feel a need to get the hell out of there.

I truly wish I knew the reason for this. I am yet to hear a definitive answer. One reason told to me was that this light offers too much stimualtion at a time when our defenses..due to anxiety...are in full gear and we cannot handle it...or something like that. My question is why then can I be the calmest dude in the world with not a dp/dr symtpom in my body at the time and walk into a library and 5 minutes later I am a basket case.

It is not jsut flourescents for me, incandescent does it as well...but not as much.

What is interesting about reading under artificial lighting is that yes things seem too bright etc. but the major problem is the inability to have the words"stick" on my brain when I am symptomatic from the lights. Not a visual problem there..but something else.

I cannot even play a game of whist with my family at the kitchen table in the evenings. Figure.

Some people have mentioned full spectrum lighting as helpful, but it never worked for me. It would indeed help to know what is the issue, what causes this, in order to know what to do. I know anxiety is not THE issue for me...or at least it seems...but it is the lights. I hope someone can help answer this, even if they have been over it a thousand times. Maybe even someone should make their answer a sticky.
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Homeskooled...thanks for that post. Best sense maker I have seen. It would explain why the lights get the whole thing going (extreme symptoms).
Are you going to post your paper on dp when finished? I would love to have a peak at it.
God, someday before I hit the pearly gates I hope to fully understand this stuff and see treatment come to fruition.
Thanks again.
Q. Funny about raquetball. I used to love it but gave it up becasue of the lights. The lights and white walls and concentrating on that little ball drove me to symptoms extreme, and from there the hollow noise of the room and other overstimulating effects assured me I did not want to play again. I will play with you all day on an outdoor handball court, but never again indoors.
Researchers....please go figure.
Somebody on another thread mentioned dilation of pupils can be caused by anxiety/panic (fight or flight type.) I can certainly see (if this it?) that all kinds of nasty light would enter and cause problems. But it would not explain why light bothers when we are not anxious or panicked, right? Homeskooled spoke of the brain stimulation areas of someone in a dp/dr state. And that makes sense too. But what about the times when you enter under these lights with no apparant anxiety/panic or a current dp/dr state but yet the lights still blow us out of the building with extreme symptoms their casualty. Are we just ultra sensitized"
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