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Floaters revisited.

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My eyes filled with floaters at age 17, following a temporal lobe seizure. They are pretty intrusive. I can see the swirling even in poor light. I'm aware that a fair portion of people who had traumatic "panic attacks" which segued into chronic dp/dr also complain about intrusive floaters in their vision. I had entertained a theory that my neurological trauma had removed some kind of neurological filter, making the sediment in the vitreous of my eye more observable. Ophthalmologists said they were no big deal. At least not to them. My younger brother just had the vitreous gel in one eye replaced. He has diabetes, and has bled into his eyes on occasion. This can lead to blindness, because the blood in the vitreous can damage the retina. My brother said his doctor was European born and educated and had practiced in Europe. He said that European doctors routinely replace the vitreous of diabetic patients to prevent diabetic induced blindness. He said his doctor didn't understand why the US medical community didn't take a similar proactive stance on replacing vitreous. Well, we all know it's about money and who's going to pay for it. My brother said the eye which had the vitreous replaced was very clear. No floaters. He is having his second eye done soon. He said the procedure was no big deal. He didn't complain of pain or discomfort. I've been led to believe it is very dangerous and unwarranted. Now I'm thinking the US medical community is just trying to discourage patients from having it because it isn't "medically" necessary. Would developing heavy floaters from a car accident warrant a vitrious replacement? Would developing heavy floaters from a neurological trauma warrant a vitreous replacement? I'm not sure. What I can say for sure is that heavy floaters in your vision is not a positive in regards to quality of life. If I were 17 again, and wanted to be a fighter pilot (lol), I'd like to have the option.
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