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I had my annual eye exam today. The young intern that examined my eyes stated that she could see my floaters. She made a comment as to how the brain can choose to ignore them.

I told her I agreed with her 100%. Then I went on to state my belief that the brain can lose the ability to ignore them due to an insult or injury to the temporal lobe of the brain.

At 17, I had a series of intense temporal lobe seizures. Soon after, my vision was flooded with floaters and I also developed a life long relationship with ocular migraines.

Since then, I have read numerous other accounts of individuals experiencing heavy floaters following an anxious drug experience or panic attack.

From my experience, that is how the temporal lobe responds to insult. I did report a vitreous incident in November, and the intern saw evidence of the event in my right eye.

Nothing serious. Good for another year.
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