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Fleshy robots

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I realized today, in all my evilness and/or dp, that it is incredibly difficult for me to conceive of active thought within another person.

I'm so fucking self absorbed I don't even ask myself what another person might be thinking. It seems the only monitoring I do socially is evaluating how I might come across.

I don't think 'a leads to b' I suppose on some unconscious level, I know how to please people I'm close to, how to please them and when I want to.. but I still can't believe they're right now in their own little world with their own thoughts.

Sitting in a lecture hall with like 150 people and not one of them appeared to be capable of thought.

It's so twisted that I can't grasp this.

Sorry for not responding to anyone the last couple days.
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Scattered said:
There's no such thing as real communication. We can never truely communicate our feelings to another human being. We can reproduce semi-accurate approximations in our own minds of what another is feeling, but in the end we are all alone in regards to our specific emotions.

Like having binoculars. You may be able to see the distant island, but there's no solid bridge to cross over.
It used to feel like there was..
Universal said:
this is mostly just a ramble i'm writing. seems to me like you have problems communicating and establishing "rapport" which just means not being in the same "groove" as other people are when they talk and stuff. i definitely have this problem, establishing communication, effective communication after all is extremely important in this day and age. so you can't get along? do you do what i do? not give a sh*t? what else can i do, what better way of coping is there than lying on my couch all un-motivated in the land of the free... home of dp.
That's sort of it. It seems only through intense concentration and eventual blind acceptance that I can acknowledge that other people are thinking, as I am. I know it's happening and yet it NEVER really hits me like it used to. Its so strange and feels so impossible to articulate, at least at the moment.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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