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Well here goes nothing. I’ve been going through a year of extreme stress and have truly been pushed to my limits. Last night I felt like my brain reached its breaking point and just kind of checked out? After a period of sobbing everything just started changing.. I was numb, my vision was distorted, I felt like I was in a dream, and I couldn’t bear to go in the bathroom because the sight of my reflection scared the ever-loving shit out of me. Truly felt like I was watching myself through 3rd person. Fast forward to this morning and I’m feeling better, but I still feel as if my vision is screwy. I feel like I’m seeing life through a different lenses. I feel better than last night but still not quite present. I worry about driving to work tomorrow and socializing with others. I guess what I’m after is just some support. Will it be like this forever? Is this just an episode due to anxiety and stress? I just feel like a crazy person if I bring it up to anybody. Any words of advice are appreciated, thanks in advance ❤
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