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I had a first session with my therapist (I have to be cautious, she may look at the site :lol: , and she knows dp units, etc.) and she was fine. I talked a lot, it was the beginning, I had to picture my problem, my childwood, etc. I felt OK. But I remember not very good what I talked about.

But now, I am so tired I could sleep. I am seriously tired. She told me I will be tired because I concentrated a lot, but I didn't trust her. Now I am so tired, I don't know if it's the meds or anyhthing, but I feel like I don't have energy at all.

Pfeww and I don't want to talk. :(

I would like so much to be not tired, I am all the time.... but if I take something to boost myself I will be very dp... It's sad :( Bah, it's my story with DP and tiredness! I miss my old energy! argh:p

Hope she will help me :)

Allure30 xx

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Well Allure (what's in a name),

you are feeling tired because you released the energy cropped up inside of you.

While DP-ed you have to use all of your energy to stay in that state you are ie. neglecting your true feelings.

Prior to DP you have probably crossed all the boundaries set up by yourself - rationally you have decided to cross the minefield and constanly telling yourself that you are not afraid.

Acknowledging the fact that you do things because you want to do them (or not) releases a lot of energy. Like a balloon.

You are a balloon right now. Empty and relaxed.


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Today I am a flying balloon, too excited.

I went to my psy and he really liscened to what I had to say... it was interesting. I brought him a paper, he really liscened to my story, and my session with my psychologist.... I think he begins to believe DP exists. He is more open to me. It makes me feel like I don't talk alone. Pfee.

I will retry Lamictal but very slowly, with AD. I think it's worth a shot. I am happy today, but overexcited. I think I took too much coffee. :) I feel not me but too excited.

Thanks for reading :)

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Just guess!!!


No my native language is French, and I am sure you know it. So I am sorry if I made mistakes and it bothers you.

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