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Today I'm walking down the corridor in college, and I realize I haven't thought about my DP or anxiety all morning!

And of course what does that start? The feelings of DP.

I am beginning to realize I have been in this cycle for so long, my mind feels the need to self-sabotage whenever I feel a sense of normalcy. It's a response, a conditioned reply I have accustomed myself to.

The question now is, where in this thought process can I intervene, and 're-route' it?

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Nov 13 2012 10:16 AM

I get this all the time so annoying! It's not there then boom you start thinking about it
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Nov 13 2012 10:22 AM


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Nov 14 2012 10:01 PM

Ha, yes! But I think you're halfway there... If all it takes is a simple thought about DP to trigger it, then all it takes is not getting that thought to prevent it from happening. I know you can't force yourself to not think, but if there was a way that those thoughts could be made quieter, have their power taken away from them or just silenced altogether, then you may not get DP much anymore. Which shows that DP could simply be a symptom of an unhelpful thinking style.

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Jan 14 2013 05:18 PM

It's like we look for it OCD like ,habit so does my head in I just done exactly the same 4 hours or so come in say down and boom it's there but does show we can 4 get and can rest from it
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