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This is my first entry, so I just want to talk about a few things.
I probably won't post a whole lot about my DP because there's already enough depressing entries about that. So, in this post, I will discuss only a bit about that and the rest will be about my current doings.

For starters, I don't know exactly when or how I got DP. I haven't witnessed anything traumatic and even if there was some mild verbal and physical abuse in my childhood, I don't believe it anything significant enough to say 'that's what caused it'. I thought something was wrong, though, when my friends would say stuff like 'you don't have any emotions' and stuff like that. And I couldn't really go against the fact that I didn't really care about much. I knew I did have emotions, though, because even if I couldn't care about people, I could certainly get angry. Anger is the outlet of my emotions to the world. The only way I'm good at getting them out. Obviously this has caused me some social problems since I don't know how to communicate with people well. I do have friends, though, and a loving boyfriend, so I'm happy enough with life. As for the main aspects of DP, I have some of them. Looking in the mirror and not recognizing yourself, feeling like an observer in another person's body, etc. They're not devastating to me, though. I guess I either don't care, I've gotten used to it, or it's a mild case of dp. I don't know.

Sooo, that's all I feel like talking about DP. Or, well, it was mainly about my emotions, but okay. Anyway.

My boyfriend just went back up to college today since his Easter break is ending. It's hard when you don't get to see the person you love for a month or two. I have no idea why he chose a college as far away as he did, but he's stuck there. His parents won't let him transfer. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhghghgh. Beside that, today I will be going over a friend's house to work on an espanol project. I'm pretty sure the teacher is not going to be happy with it, but he needs to realize that everyone in that class knows less spanish than he thinks we do. Other than that, I hope to spend the rest of my day relaxing. It's supposed to be about 80 outside today, so hopefully it doesn't rain and I can try to enjoy that, too. I love warm weather <3

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May 05 2011 04:02 AM

i know how hard long distance relationships are. it sucks, im in one too. but the good stuff are worth it
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and summer is just the best
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