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What else can I say

I thought I was a unique nutcase, but it seems theres a lot of you who experience what i do and we're not raging lunatics at all
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Ive been feeling very depressed the last few days because of post traumatic stress triggered by a horrible episode several winters ago

The PTSD has been causing Depersonalization symptoms to surface much more frequently and it is difficult to get out of bed, go to work, exercise, even move. This is further depressing because I am typically very active and productive.. with the help of herbal stimulants

Finding this community makes me feel like less of a lost case.. a real sanctuary of being understood in a world where so few do.. a world that i can hardly place myself in half the time.. so much easier to take drugs to impair cognizance of such frustration but ive grown up and want to rationalize my way out of this existential dilemma

glad to have found this site once again : )
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