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Finding it hard to hold down a 'normal' job

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I'm new to this site but my girlfriend recommended I join as I have only just fully come to terms with and started opening up about my depersonalisation/ derealisation... so first off, hi!

To get to the point though, I have recently had to quit my part-time job as my depersonalisation has gotten too much to handle and made it so I feel as if nothing is real and I feel as if I'm going to pass out. I couldn't handle being under management either as I feel insane saying to them "I can't come in today because I don't feel real".

Quitting my job has created a whole lot of financial stress for my partner and I. I am looking at jobs I can do online instead but wondered if anyone was going through or has gone through the same thing as me? Also, does anyone know of any good online jobs or good ways I can earn money so that I don't fall behind on rent or anything?
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Hi JessRose4698!

I don't have a concrete advice regarding job/s, I can only share my experience. When DPDR first hit me back in 2016, I really needed money to finance the therapy, so I took on several assignments in my line of work, and most of them I could do (at least partially) from home. Those were different projects, some text editing, a lot of correspondence, and some organisational work. The hardest part was the creative aspect of the work, as I could hardly produce a coherent sentence of my own. However, everything else, that was kinda technical I did reasonably well, except that I needed to focus more than usual. I guess any kind of repetitive, technical job would suit me best at the time.

I also did a lot of buying (and some selling) of random stuff online, so that is also an idea to earn some extra money, in case that you have some things that you want to get rid of, or if you are good at finding things cheap, and selling them at a higher price.

It would be great if we didn't have to worry about those things, and just focus on recovery, but then again, every time I had some job to focus on, I would get better, perhaps because it was also a distraction.

I wish you luck in finding something that suits you rn!
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