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Something I wanna start off with is letting you guys know that it does 100 percent get better. For me as far as where I wanna be it has gotten a lot better. On August of 2014 I had my first dr/dp break which lead me through 4 years of wondering what the hell was wrong, one minute it was this the next it was that(ocd, or anxiety, or depression etc. let me cut to the chase because i hope this helps anyone. I remember swimming one time at a college indoor pool once and having everything go 2D and faces and water skipping like picture frames. I felt nothing, no emotion, no drive, low energy, sex drive gone, nothing for years, except bad thoughts and anxiety.

1. All that analysis bullshit in your head has got to go. Practice mindfulness, every time you realize that try your best to just observe and then let it pass, let your mind wander!!!. For me I always thought I had to be in control, to that point I would try and break out of my head by staring at shit or doing what I thought was being mindful. But boy was I wrong, this stuff is a paradox, the less you try and the more you just be and accept, the more you wind up in control. The only way to bring positive change is to let go, let your mind do whatever the heck it wants because that's what everyone who feels normal does, everyone has a mind, and it's what you did years before this all started.
2. With derealization I resisted, panicked, cried, resisted. Till one day I thank god my brain said you know what, no more. I stopped avoiding it and accepted it, thought of it as almost funny and that's when that stuff started going away.
3. Life style changes - make sure you pay attention to what you do the majority of your day. For me it was binging video games, because that stuff will take everything off your mind and take it all away. But here's the thing it worked, but only while on the games.. I wasted years of progress because I spent all my time and never researched. One good habit (for me personally quitting video game addiction) lead to some serious change. Observe and then change your behavior which changes your minds condition. Go socialize, meet up with friends, exercise is great too, even if it doesn't feeling rewarding or feel like it's changing you, consistent exercise after weeks will.

4. There's a term in psychology and CBT called drop the rope, every time you notice yourself feeling stuck in your head stop fighting that stuff, almost do nothing, for it's a battle that can only be one if you accept and don't resist. If your losing a battle to some monster would you continue pulling tug of war with it after you know for years it's never worked? Let go of that rope right now and watch it fall.

5. There is hope. I was hopeless. Hopeless for 4 whole years! And look at me now, writing a post i was certain would never come and that I didn't care anymore. In fact I remember reading these positive posts and say that it doesn't apply To me, nothing works. You might even be someone thinking that right now. But let me tell you, your brain isn't gone forever, it will heal. Your attention will come back when you let yourself be and stop trying so hard to get in control. Let go and your control will come back like it always automatically has.

6. I'm sorry - I'm sorry for whoever is going through this or whoever's gone through it. But all you can do is let go, stop resisting, distract yourself and it will get better. Seek professional help if you need it, meds might help too, but actually listen to what they tell you.

Thank you,

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