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I've just been watching 'One flew over the cuckoos nest'.

Does anyone else find films featuring this sort of content 'uncomfortable'?

Everything about it was freaking me out, and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Just imagining being there etc etc...being mad. Stuck inside there...

Just wondered what you guys thought.

Not feeling great at the moment so don't think it was the best thing of me to watch - the only films I really 'do' are comedies - I seem to take horror etc rather too seriously.

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There is actullay very little I can watch because soo much of TV and movies today freak me out, I mostly stick to Friendsthe sitcom. This has actually become a sorce of argument between me and my husband because I complain so much about the stuff he watches.

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Phew. :)

Do you see what I mean though? It seems to really affect me in a way films don't other people, they really 'get into me' in some cases.

Whether thats because I think it 'fits' how I'm feeling or simply think I should be in a mental institution I don't know.

I suppose in a way it makes sense as if DP makes me feel depersonalised, a film could easily make me feel like it's 'point of view'...or something. I wish I wasn't so tired and could explain better.

I guess what I mean is, if even my own 'person' doesn't seem to fit and feels 'wrong' then a film based on such things is going to have these affects?

Janine, I welcome your comments.
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