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I wonder how my life would have been different, If I had been declared disabled at age 17, following a Temporal Lobe Seizure that left me

with recurrent major depression, and many other symptoms. I didn't get diagnosed until age 57, when I was declared to be disabled based

on my EEG results. I was sent to the social security office and began receiving checks without any argument whatsoever.

By then, I had retired early from a good job. I had acquired a nice home, three vehicles, prepaid my daughter's college education and I

have no debt, and a little more than a half million in assets. I did 3 years in the military, and traveled to most of the countries in Europe. It would

have been a lot more fun, to not have been mentally ill, but somehow I did it. I would never have had the opportunity if I had been declared

defective at age 17. But, you do what you gotta do. Good luck.
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