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I'm writing this right now because I'm afraid that this DP feeling won't stop...I have feared the worst that I am going into a schizophrenic mind I still have my insight but I'm struggling to keep it or at least I feel like I am struggling...the problem is that I was feeling so much better for like 2 and half weeks when I got my new job...
*minor intrusive thoughts and memories (easy to dismiss them if they popped up)
*minor spacey Or out of body feelings (when it occurred I was able to look over it while working)
*Emotions were back to normal (laughed at appropriate times and angry at appropriate times as well lol)
And dreams were slightly vivid or normal lol idk dreams are freaking weird (didn't really interrupt with daily life)
{Mind you all symptoms above were worse before I got the job.}

Basically I felt like I was on the road to full recovery...then one night I went to sleep and the vivid dreams came back...invading my well being the next day...then on that day i took a nap and had a panic attack and i started feeling worse..I'm not sure if this feels worse than before or if I'm just the same but overthinking it nw I'm here and I feel terrible...the only thing I can salvage is that my surroundings don't seem foreign emotions, and appetite are still in tact (came back with my first feeling of recovery) but I still have slight brain fog and the intrusive thoughts and memories have been tearing me apart more than ever :( so I just want to know if anyone who has fully recovered experienced this or if anybody who has recently gone through this part of the symptoms, is there a brighter day after this? I just need hope because I'm starting college in like a few days and I don't want to be all jacked up for a semester i want to be able to meet new people...
My DP was induced by marijuana ...
I don't smoke anymore..
Don't drink at all..
Only chemical changes I make to my brain is masturbating (excuse me for being explicit but I need help)
Also I constantly feel like this weird pop rocks sensation in my hindbrain...sorry of the long post but please help if you can...

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Go get checked out by a doctor and a therapists.

As far as DP goes. I have good days and I have bad days. You're still on the road to recovery, but you had a minor set back due to a panic attack.

Same thing has happen to me.
I also fear becoming crazy and that I will lose my grip on reality. When I am DP'd all day my imagination runs wold and in my mind I will have bits and pieces of a fantasy world.

I say go get checked out and try not to dwell on it.

As for the pop rocks sensation, I can't relate.
But my imagination can make the sensation (kindof.)

Best of luck.
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