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Feeling very uncomfortable existing as a living being

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Since I was maybe 7 years old I have had occasional 'lapses' where I broke from reality and have a moment of self awareness of existing and whatnot. This didn't get in the way of my life and I moved on.

Now I'm 18 and my DP is the worst it has ever been.

I feel very uncomfortable in my own skin as being a human being with working parts just makes me feel so vulnerable (and makes me very anxious). I have had irrational health anxieties and doctors have given me the all clear on a physical level.

However I tried to sort my life out by eating better, stop drinking, routine sleep pattern, lots of therapy (for self confidence and anxiety) but it doesn't change the fact I still feel so detached and spaced out. I took LSD once (and horrifically bad tripped) and things have been pretty bad since then, though I can't be sure if that was the cause. That's another reason this all sucks so much-there are no 'quick fixes' to get better :(.

I just feel like my head is a sea of thoughts with one thought trying to constantly come out on top as the primary one. Luckily I still have my ego maintained (thanks to therapy) but sometimes it goes for a few seconds. It's exhausting physically and sometimes I'm so spaced out I'm scared I will just collapse.

Has anyone else felt like this?

Do you think I should book myself in for a brain scan or will that just feed my anxiety?

Thanks for reading.
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