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(First of all, take blood tests. Dp/dr and brain fog can be symptoms of some underlying diseases, deficiencies or toxicity to heavy metals. Go to doctor first to check if you are normal in that case. If it's solely mental/anxiety stress or weed caused, then follow next)

1.Take vitamins & minerals, specially D3 + B complex
2. Stop drugs, alcohol, coffe
3. Stop masturbation for 1 or 2 months
4. (Most important, key to recovery) Exercise! Intense exercise, every day driving bike outside for 4-5 hours is best for recovery. Also push-ups, martial arts weight lifting is very good, u can do it 1-2 times weekly. But best working, cycling for HOOURS a day.
Thats it, if you follow this routine for 1-2 months u will be cured, or atleast 90% better which will make it livable. It is very hard to start it, but if you are strong and willing to do this u will get back normal. Also i repeat this doesnt count if you have something serious like lyme disease or else. Breaking rules i mentioned (excessive masturbating, taking drugs, taking alcohol can make u relapse temporary or make you feel temporary worse). Good luck
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