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i have DP since summer 2017. i am doing a lot better now, i am not as depressed as i was, the anxiety and the obsessive thinking got better, i would say that my feelings are almost completly back.
BUT: i still don't feel like myself. and i don't even know how to explain this in an accurate way. i think it's like as if i am still observing myself more than BEING myself, if this makes sense. most of the time it's better when i am alone at home. as soon as i go into contact with someone or leave my home it gets worse. especially when i have to talk with somebody i still get this feeling of "it's not me talking". and when i go outside i don't feel present. i don't know if i am able to feel present and "here and now" at all...

has anyone any idea how to go on with this? is it possible that this goes away with time? it seems like this is the state i have to live with the rest of my life :(
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