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Feeling of non existence

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I keep having panic attacks and I'm so weirded out by everything. I'm not talking about solipsism here, but literal non existence, like you're some sort of ghost. This started when I read something about Cotard's (the syndrome where you think you're dead) and it freaked me out quite a bit. I started having thoughts like : what if I'm actually dead and this is what it feels to be in the afterlife? Just the usual same old existential fears, but now I'm so disassociated that I don't actually feel like I exist, and that I'm just some ghost roaming around. It's so scary. Have you ever felt this way?
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Yeah i felt like that before. Sometimes i still do if i get really dissociated but i have to remind myself that i wake up to the same reality everyday and everyone i talk to is real and new things happen every day. Basically i just learned to dismiss the idea everytime it arises, still a scary thought though.
yes . I actually even was almost convinced that I am dead . I thought I died in certain situations in the past .

I dont want to get too deep into it to not trigger you

but it is a close to psychosis phenomenon if you ask me . probably not in your case though because yours seem to rather be a mix of dissociation and anxiety . but I am not a doctor

dont worry you will get over it sooner or later . you will be fine
I lost my emotions and felt dead. I didn't lose my intellect, which told me I was alive. I allowed my intellect to over rule my dysfunctional emotions.

I guess the flip side is, you can allow your emotions to over rule your intellect. I'm not sure how that works out. My method took quite a few years, but my

emotions finally got on board.
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