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Feeling like you got off an elevator

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When I'm driving or ridin' in a car for longer than 10 minutes, I feel like I just got off an elevator as soon as I get out, and the feeling lasts for up to 10-15 minutes. And once again I'm new to DP, but do yall know if it's common for people with DP or DR to have these symptoms/sensations at times?
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i think that symptom is caused by a hyperawareness to any motion. when most people (meaning people without dp/dr) walk or drive their brains filter out most of the bumping and jolting so it mostly looks like a continuous motion...when some of us walk or drive, we "notice" that we are bobbing up and down and it can become very disorienting. its the same reason sounds are really loud sometimes or things look extremely detailed. just try to think about other things when you are walking or driving. distract least that's what i do.
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