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Feeling like I am going into the floor

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Hi again :oops:

I know it's not a unusual post, but lately I feel like I walk and enter the floor, it's very weird and scary. I began Lexapro and I don't recall feeling like entering into the floor with Paxil :( I also have sensory disturbances, hard to explain but sometimes I feel like everything is weird, what I touch, see, I always feel like everything WILL change around me. I get dizzy, I have vertigo, feeling like I am gonna fall on the floor... on top of that extreme DP dilated pupils and very blurred vision. I wonder sometimes if Paxil was the best for me, but I think now I just cant handle any other new med, that is the problem. :shock:

I just wanted to talk to someone, because I don't like that at all.

Thanks for being there even thought you're silent.

I will make up my webpage , like this I will post less! LOL

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I am not on medication but have this quite often- i now just stop and relax my body and breathe and it tends to pass after a while. Sucks thou don't it!
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