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Feeling like everything is spiraling downward, in a numbed sense

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I have been getting severe panic attacks. I am shaking on the daily. This has nothing to do with depersonalization, but, it VERY much makes my depersonalization way worse. It's hard to cope, hard to grasp a sense of self, and so on. I can't quite feel real, I only feel when I get these panic attacks (which has been every day for a week now.) But other than that, I am numbed entirely.

I try to distract myself, nothing works. It's seemingly impossible. I thought maybe my dp would ease, but it's not easing at all. Anyone else like this?
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Also edit: it's very hard to fight the battle of thinking I am crazy, or not crazy. I always assume I am turning crazy. And then I worry if I am. And sometimes I can't properly make sense of the words I am speaking, hearing. The actions I witness.
You're not going crazy! Depersonalization is an anxiety-induced/depression-induced state of thought and it's nothing to be afraid. Do you know what brought you to this state? I mean, have you figured out what made you depersonalized?
Indeed, I do. But as years went on it got worse, due to other situations which threw me off and made me lose my sense of self entirely. Thanks for the assurance, though.
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Well, if you ever need someone to talk to about it, my message box is always open. I'd love to help you get out of this rut - if you need anything, just message. Depersonalization is temporary, so I wouldn't worry too much.
Thanks. I keep to myself, though. I just visit this forum solely for the purpose of seeking answers and help from others. But thanks anyway.
I was just extending myself - I was the same way, but opening up really helped me. Anyway, I hope you get the answers you're looking for and the help you need - cheers! Best of luck.
Which is very polite, so thanks again. I really only ever open up to one individual in my life, and a couple of my friends. Best of luck to you, too.
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