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feeling like a ghost

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anyone else feel like this. like they feel so weightless that it actually seems like they are floating. you can' t feel the ground or any objects. i can't at all. i seriously feel like i can walk through walls and doors although i can't. if i bump into a wall really hard i won't really feel it and it won't hurt at all. thats not normal. the thing i really hate is when i am in the bed and i can't feel the bed at all. the only time where i am at peace is when i'm sleeping. i don't know the answer to this.

i worked the last 2 days only like 4 or 5 hours each and i don't work much only occassionally. sometimes once a week sometimes a couple days a week but its just so fake. everything is fake. i pray every day. i use holy water. i even drink holy water. nothing works. i just wish i felt alive and that i could actually feel like i have a body and feel life like everyone else around me. i wish they also seemed real to me. any suggestions on what i can do. i try distracting myself like playin video games or listenin to music but i find no pleasure out of it. sounds still feel like there coming from somewhere else and not actually here. nothing seems loud to me. i can't hear my own voice, i don't know how to make this better.
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at least i'm not alone. what do you try to do to not think about it. I mean its hard not too when your like this and everyone else is all feeling alive and living their lives having fun, doing whatever. having girlfriends and enjoying each day when i know each day of my life is hell.
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